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Sep 99

Star Trek DS9: … Nor the Battle to the Strong (Ep 5.4)

This week’s episode was on the classic issue of how you may hypothesize what you would do if placed in a situation, but if you were in this situation in real life, living the moment (I’m sure there’s a phrase in a foreign language for this expression) would you react differently? This placed Jake in the war/cowardice scenario, which reminded me somewhat of the character Uppham (spelling?) in Saving Private Ryan. Credible acting and a well written screenplay (if a little crammed) really made this a good episode. If death was handled poorly in The Ship (couple weeks back), then this episode handled itself excellently. Season 5 of DS9 looks to be the best of the first 5 seasons so far!

I still have no idea what the title means… is it a quote? It doesn’t even make sense…