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Sep 99

Star Trek DS9: He who is without sin (Ep 5.7)

“You need this more than I do.” – Quark handing a Horga’an to Bashir after finding out Leeta has been fantacising about Rom while dating Bashir

Plotwise, this episode was shit. Fullerton’s case, that the Federation is going downhill because of a pleasure planet, is stupid. It’s akin to saying, the United States is going to shit because of Disney World. Yeah, whatever you reckon mate. Civilians are civilians – they need vacation time, even during war time. Even the army needs shore leave. And of course the Worf/Dax thing was purely nauseating. Please, no more of that crap. So, this episode has no plot (granted, it did have a few cute moments). What does it have? Dax and Leeta wearing less :) That’s compensation. So how could this episode be fixed up? Simple. No Worf. No Fullerton. More Dax. More Leeta. Less clothes. A special adults only commemorative episode. Yes, a bunch of horny Trekkies, that’s just what the world needs. Better luck next week, I hope.

A friend’s view:

no there is no meaning in this episode whatsoever. it’s just pure drivel. but (the stupid thing is) [Worf]’s right at some points

when he says “err people don’t sit around drinking and wearing nothing when there’s a war on – you’re all hedonistic losers” but that’s about it