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Sep 99


It’s stuff like this that really gets everyone excited. Moller International is a firm that are developing what they’ve called the Skycar, a vehicle capable of VTOL (vert takeoff and landing, like Harrier Jets – in fact it’s basically a mini Harrier). The thing is, it’s not something that’s decades and decades off. They plan to have it on the market within 5 years, and have working prototypes.

Their 4-seater model, the M400 is powered by 8 engines (some redundant), 3 computers (2 redundant), has a range of over 1000km and top speed of over 600km/h. It takes regular unleaded fuel (car fuel) and will have an initial price tag of US $1 million. But once the vehicle hits mass production, the price is slated to drop to about US $60,000, which is reasonable. Right now, the thing can only be flown by licensed pilots. Nonetheless, it’s exciting stuff.