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Sep 99


I’m not rewriting what I’ve already written about three times already… you know my stance on this:

::shrug:: you asked for it.

ok, you campared using a WYSIWYG editor to using a calculator, it’s like a short cut, right? ok. follow me here… i bet you know how to do math without a calculator, hence, a calculator is just a shortcut. But if you DONT know HTML, a WYSIWYG is NOT a shortcut, its an uneducated persons why to write webpages.

did you use a calculator BEFORE you learned 2 + 2? NO. so why use a WYSIWYG editor before you learn HTML? If you learn HTML, you find that a WYSIWYG editor sucks in comparison to writing your own code.

maybe i am just too old school. i have been coding webpages from TXT documents for a long time, there was no such thing as an editor. MS DOS’s EDIT was a powerful fucking editor :) when i was your age, i had to upload with a 14.4 modem, it’s like walking three miles in the snow :)
[from Solosier]

All I’ll say is I defy anyone who says I can’t handcode HTML. I don’t think there was any other way to do it in the days of Mosaic. MS DOS edit a powerful editor? Don’t say that… you’ll make those Linux users laugh at you.