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Sep 99

School’s Back

Thanks for the enlightenment. So you’re not all a bunch of 22 year olds forever repeating your final year at high school…

Yeah, in America school can refer to high school or college.  If you’re in college, you can say you’re going back to college or you’re going back to school.  I don’t think anyone calls it going back to university here, but that might just be this part of the country.  People do the same thing for grad school too.  I guess it can get a little confusing, but we seem to just use a person’s age to figure out what they mean.  If they’re 18, its probably college.

Ok man it’s simpler here in the states.  The collective term “school” refers to any learning institution, public or private.  This include high school, technical school, college, art school, film school, terrorist school, or even driving school.  Generally, if a 20 year old says he’s going back to school, he’s taking college classes (hopefully).

yah, over here people generally say they’re going back to school for both high school and college.

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