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Sep 99


From one of the guys selling those Multias I was talking about a few weeks back (it seems he’s an Old Boy of Trinity too… coincidences abound) :

Previously you put a link up on your site to our CSE student Multia drive….
Just thought I’d let you know that there are some left overs available at:
Or the original (http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~michaeld/multia) for more info.
Either will give you what info you need, and send to the other.


Additionally, the Multias arrived in from America last Friday

This morning we recieved 6 pallettes of Multias (250 in total), and I must say, it looked AWESOME!
Believe it or not (We couldn’t for a while), we did manage to sucessfully transfer 2 TONNES (We have an invoice saying how much they weighed).