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Sep 99


Site showing representations of cyberspace and stuff like physical global cabling (those bigass intercontinental links). It seems that the Australia-USA link is a mere 512Mbps (although I’ve read they’re laying a new, bigger cable). Related is this article on the history of intercontinental cabling.

But with the China-U.S. cable in the works, FLAG stands to lose its stature as the longest cable in the world. Expected to be more than 30,000 km or 18,750 miles long, the cable will have a total capacity of 80 gigabytes per second, or enough to simultaneously carry four million phone calls. With more than 950,000 circuits, it will be the largest network of its kind ever constructed. Initial China-U.S. investors, including Teleglobe, Tyco Submarine Systems, Alcatel, KDD, AT&T, Lucent, and Sprint, expect to spend a total of U.S. $1 billion to build the network.

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