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Sep 99

Communal Crier – “Good Old Days” Edition

Today’s a special one. The sidebar, which has had a life of its own in the past months, has acquired sentience. Much like the stuff you leave at the back of the fridge for a couple years. There are now 100 links on it! So much for joking “one day that sidebar’s gonna be longer than the site”.

How did the bar look, at the end of 1998?

A Shade of its Current Form...
circa October 1998

Hard to believe there were only 5 sites at the start of it all (including this one – yes I can actually count, but not much further than 5), isn’t it? Vaccine’s Accounts of Nothing sort of exists in the form of The Project (updated very sporadically). sonic junkie’s good ol’ Cranial Disorder is now Techno Weenie. KillKrazy’s classic (and rather infamous) Watch The World Die has resurrected itself numerous times in the past (faking its death to avoid the authorities, perhaps? :). And the venerable Shlonglor’s EBG has stuck around through the years. Even though it’s technically “closed”. But these sites are still alive and kicking.

Then by March 1999:

sidebar2.gif (6101 bytes)

Now, back to regular programming. Here’s the current stuff…

Schlyer’s back, canning In Your Ear and replacing it with Absurdities Observed

• Bronte Zoo Skateboarding
• Dissolve
• Paranoia

Appreciation goes to Solosier for the above new site links.