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Sep 99


*Crash*. Not. Let the news reports come in. My guess is… nothing really bad will happen. Just wrote that date on an assignment cover sheet… felt weird :)

Timberfish 9/8/99 11:39 PM:
hey stu sorry for disturbing u but have u heard about Y2k going off tomorrow?
Inferno 9/8/99 11:43 PM:
not Y2K but 9.9.99 yes
Timberfish 9/8/99 11:43 PM:
what will happen?
Inferno 9/8/99 11:45 PM:
well apparently 9999 is used to mark the end of a file (and the systems could confuse this and crash and do other bad stuff). it’s a pretty obscure thing… i doubt anything big will happen.
Timberfish 9/8/99 11:45 PM
so all we have to do is switch the date on the computer?
Inferno 9/8/99 11:50 PM
we don’t need to worry

Yep… computer’s still workin.