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Aug 99

Half-Life Patch

This is due to be released today, US time. Got a schmick new feature – a stats keeper. No doubt you’ll be seeing my extraordinary suicide counts appearing here soon :).

This update to Half-Life includes the following changes:
– The mod browser now supports .zip file decompression.
– We’ve added a new feature for server operators called ‘TF Stats’, which takes server log files and creates a web page with the results of your TFC match. TF Stats also gives awards for various feats accomplished during the game, like the “Swiss Cheese” award for the person with the most kills using the assault cannon, and the “Kamikaze” award for the player who dies the most times by his/her own hand. (Refer to \halflife\tfc\manual\TFStats.htm for instructions.)
– The server now allows banning by WON uniqueid. (Refer to TFCServer.htm located in your \halflife\tfc\manual folder.)
– We’ve updated the TFC manual with information about running a TFC server.