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Jul 99


For the unbelievers (“how can you not roll your tongue?”) here’s a little mail regarding tongue rolling:

hehe, well I suck and can’t really do most anything on the list.  Well, anything of any difficulty anyway.
But what I wanted to share was that I am one of the lucky few who cannot roll their tongues.  I think one in like 50 people are unable to do it.  And when I was little I always just thought I was too stupid. Hehe.  Just thought I would share that with you.
I can, however, flip my tongue upside down.  Well, not with the barbell in it.   But that’s about it.

spoon lady

Tongue pierced? I’ve got a story about that (hope I haven’t told this already)… a friend last year got his tongue pierced. Went to some concert. Someone was crowd surfing and he got kicked right in the face. The tongue piece dislodged and he swallowed it. I was cracking myself up laughing at this point cos I really don’t understand the concept of piercing body parts such as the tongue (that, and him being a Vegan)… Anyway that’s not it… the metal thing costed about $90, so he had to go out and buy a new one (the only other alternative would be to go around sifting through shit, and even after that, would you want that thing in your mouth??) By the time he got around to getting a new piece, the tongue hole had closed up and he had to go through the painful process of getting his tongue pierced again. Hahaha.

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