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Jul 99


I found a site which turns your desktop into the Star Trek LCARS interface (you know, the style all those control panels on board the Enterprise and Voyager look like?) Being a Trekkie, I found this very neat.

Mozilla is up to Milestone 8 of Netscape Gecko (in future to be Netscape 5 and reputed to handle style sheets to W3C specifications. Finally).

10.2 Surround Sound? Is it just me or does the setup depicted look ridiculous? And incredibly expensive?

Here’s some article written by someone on the verge of paranoia, explaining how Microsoft tracks users. I heard it was how they tracked down the Melissa virus creator.

ActiveEarth – A nifty application giving world time, with a world map displaying which parts of the world are in night, and in day.

Hey Geeknews looks and sounds like Geeklife, but more institutionalised.

Updated Party Tricks with a semi-repulsive trick :)