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Jul 99

ICQ 99b

Remember I made that posting about the new version of ICQ and it’s limited Alpha test? It’s genuine, but looks like ICQ has a database of “authorised users” so even if you sent in that mail to that address, you wouldn’t get a reply. But my cousin, who sent me the mail in the first place got a reply. However, you can’t log on to the network unless your UIN is on their alpha test list (I wonder if you’re allowed to set up a new account?). Anyways if you want to try it out, the address is www.icq.com/alpha, mail me if you want the username/password. It won’t help you much, though (when you download it, the install will update your database files, effectively corrupting them from the icq 99a standpoint, so if you want to try it, backup your db folder). I’ll try and get screenshots of it and post em up later.