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Jul 99

Frontpage 2000

Even better than FP 97. I’m impressed. No more “logical” <em> and <strong> tags anymore. The html it produces is still a little bloated, but at least they converted to the “physical” <i> and <b> tags. Oh, and source preservation is a welcome addition. One gripe is, though, the took out that quick script editing thing and replaced it with this clunky, overcomplicated, slow to load and unnecessary developing environment. CSS support and a little more Netscape compatibility helps a lot. The interface is clean, and they dumped the stupid “Frontpage Explorer” component, and integrated it into the editor. Except that they no longer force you to use their “webs” and other fronpage proprietary stuff. I’m “trying” out the “45-day trial” version, but I think I, uh, broke the 45-day limit thing ;)