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Jun 99


(Not interested? The last bit of this post might.) Street parade for the Aussie team in Sydney next Monday :). I’ve got a friend skipping work to go there, but no way am I making the two hour journey to the city to go there… not when my last exam (computing) is on Tuesday.

It was a bit of an anticlimax the final of the world cup however I sat up and watched it and the best part of the game was the way the Aussies – slaughtered – the bowling attack. Here we have one of the fastest in the world and they were aboslutely caned – there is no other description. I have not seen us take so harshly to an attack since I don’t know when. Here hoping we keep it up.

As for Steve Waugh – what can you say – the dude is an absolute legend. He makes runs and comes through when we need him. If anything such adversity just makes him more determined. It will be interesting to see how the team performs from here on. Once again all the Steve Waugh knockers have gone back into the woodword – just like they did when he pretty well single handedly won the 95 series in the West Indies for us in the batting department. Can’t handle short pitched bowling huh? What was that score he made – 200. Certainly sounds like it eh?

As for South Africa – one word – choked!!! Big time. I remember that they gave us that label the last time we were in South Africa – Aussie chokers!!! I do not think that they will even mention a hint of it again when playing Australia. In fact they have probably ripped that word out of their language altogether now. It certainly will make sledging for the Aussies much easier. They just need to make gagging noises when the batsmen come in and that should do it. I had the pleasure of relieving some South Africans of some of their devalued currency for that outcome. How sweet it is. Sorry to have raved on but:

ossie ossie ossie – oi oi oi!!!!!!

ps – I think your web page is great.

I say I’d have to agree wholeheartedly with this. Except that I don’t think so much that SA *really* choked as in “Greg Norman 6 strokes ahead on the last day but lost” choke. They just cracked first under the pressure :). More credit to the Aussies (I think the exact quote from steve Waugh was, “we were shitting ourselves out there”). But yes, the finals were a stunning display of batting. Hate to be the Pakis returning home tho: Pakistan’s World Cup Squad returns to rotten eggs and angry fans. Crazy, fanatical bunch those fellas.

On the other side of the scale, some Yank who will remain anonymous (although it could as well be most of you :) once again displays the ethnocentrism inherent in “American culture” :). In response to the World Cup post last Monday:

Ok…I assume we’re talking about soccer here, but correct me if it’s something else.  What the hell is a Wicket?   And an Over?  (won by 8 wickets & 20 overs?)

I rest my case.