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Jun 99


People took to the streets with signs such as “Australia – the Global Village Idiot” after parliament’s upper house passed its censorship legislation last week. It won’t work. The only two countries which have introduced laws on online censorship have been China and Singapore, which aren’t exactly the most democratic of countries. So I don’t think Australians, who are pretty used to the idea that they can speak their mind without being arrested, will take very well to it.

In other news: This article telling how a topless picture of the Royal bride-to-be Sophie Rhys-Jones was emailed by a government staffer to the office of Prime Minister John Howard and other senior ministers:
“Senator Ellison said he was unaware whether Mr Wawn would face action under the government’s new Internet censorship laws which passed the Senate last week.”

I don’t get it. They do this sort of thing in New Idea and all those sorta mags all the time.