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May 99

Web Stop

Might want to check out Glyph Designs. Features Y2K Survivalist bumper stickers, Rants and essays and a nice map of Britannia (UO, not UK) you can use as wallpaper. Also, check out Out of Service – home of the Star Wars quiz (source: GeekLife), among other things. The country & Western lyrics generator is a cack :). I managed to generate this with it:

I met her in a treehouse stoned on oatmeal;
I can still recall the neon sign she wore;
She was weighted down with Twinkies in her muu-muu,
and I knew they’d hate her guts in Baltimore;
I promised her I’d change my sex forever;
She said to me our love would never die;
But who’d have thought she’d make it with my best friend;
I never had the chance to say goodbye.