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May 99

Stress Week

Wow it’s been one whole week since I last posted. There’s an explanation for this (as always). If there’s one subject that’s time consuming, it’s computing. Had to finish a computing assignment, and had to study for the computing practical exam. Throw that in with an Algebra test you haven’t studied for, an accounting essay, and ICQ (absolutely bloody useless when you want to get work done ~200 messages in one hour is a lot of damn typing!) and you have a recipe for a busy and frustrating week. Well I got my Maze AI program out, think I got a 10 for the prac exam (sidenote – apparently UNIX crashed on someone while they did their prac exam… I hate to think of what would happen if they made us sit the exam on Windows boxes), did the accounting and guessed through the Vectors test. And I still managed to fit in something for Mum for today :).

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