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May 99

Responses to HTML Editors

I don’t have a really strong opinion about this one either way, but I just thought I would give you my own reasons for why I do things the way I do.  I decided to build a webpage 1 year ago (exactly, wow..cool, huh?) And anyway, when I started I had a page at angelfire.  I used their little generator thingy, and made an ok page.  But I wanted to have more control over it, so I read tutorials and what-have-you, and actually learned to code myself.   After I did, I found that for me it was much easier to just write what I wanted to see, than to try to figure out how an HTML editor wanted you to enter it.  I just recently started using notepad to write my pages.  Before I would write the code in the webshell at my angelfire account.  I honestly think that is the easiest way to do it, since you can easily see how it will look before saving it and all that jazz.   But anyway, I moved my page over to a different server, so I just can’t do that anymore.  My own opinion about HTMLeditors is that they are too much hassel to use for things that I can generate myself easily.  I have tried many things like Homesite3.0, Dreamweaver2.0, Front Page Express, all that…And still I would just rather spend the time doing it myself.  I also think it is easier to manipulate the contents when you code yourself, since you are writing in exactly the amounts and such that you want.  So blah. That is my two-cents worth.  Sorry about the babbling.  (If you would like to check out my page, it is at http://www.hereintown.net/~moira/index.htm )

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I actively dislike using WYSIWYGs myself because I love having the satisfaction on knowing I typed ALL the code in and know it’s good. If something goes wrong, I know exactly where to look and can get there quick, instead of searching through endless pages of color-coded coding in an editor that, as you said, can sometimes screw up the code anyway. Thank you for your time. Sitekeeper

in response to the thing on your site about text vs frontpage editing… people think text is better because its a sad way of proving their skill i think… similar to linux users who hate windows for the same reason.

Seems two major reasons are control, and the “satisfaction of knowing I typed ALL the code.” The first of these reasons is reasonably valid, and the second is not (see the third post – this agrees with my reply to the latter reason). It’s synonymous with this situation: You have a document you want to copy. But no, you think using a photocopier is too easy. So, you demonstrate your skill by opening up a word processor, sitting down,  typing out that document word for word, and then printing it out just to show you know how to use Microsoft Word. This seems ridiculous, right? But that’s what’s happening when you want to type out HTML which could be generated in less than half the time using an HTML editor. If I created a page using notepad, I’d be typing for three times as long. Then I’d have to test out the page to make sure I hadn’t screwed up an angled bracket or something (edit in notepad, save, reload in browser, repeat… ad naseum). I’d have to type “>” instead of “>” (etc.) which can get annoying if you have to do it often.