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May 99

More E/N

New site: Illegal Operation.

In hopes of expanding the already burgeoning number of E/N sites out there, I, Nerv, have opened a small but quasi-dedicated website affectionately called ‘Illegal Operation.’ In hopes varying the content, however, there will be an additive: the first website to feature online lesbian sex live stream video! Who would have thought of that, eh? Here’s the address: http://i-o.8m.com. In order to spread the message that ‘Lewd is Gewd (Good, heh)’ I’d really appreciate it if Hear Ye! could find it their hearts to link to us.  Plus, I can give you a free subscription to the ‘Fat Drunk Chicks’ section of our site reserved for VIP members!  Sweet, no? Thanks in advance, Inferno.


That’s the best add request I’ve got for quite a while! Funny and not some mass carbon copied mail. However, can I have my free subscription without the “fat” bit, please? hehe :) Go visit.

Here’s another : You dissin’ me?

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