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May 99

Assignment 2, Stage 2

This is scary. As soon as I finish Stage 1 of the computing assignment they release Stage 2. Give us a break! But that’s not the scary bit. They based this assignment on The Matrix (?!). It’s all about having this Maze (called a “Matrix”), and programming AI for the bad guys (the agents) to chase the good guy (the “person”) who has to visit as many rooms of the Matrix as possible. Hehe I have a friend who’s a programming guru and he’s turned up in trenchcoat and sunnies a few days now. We started calling him “Neo” and “The One”. But now since the assignment specs came out today, if he wins the competition part of the assignment, I can justifiably call him that :) hah! If you’re bored, read through the assignment specs and mail me if you have any good strats for evading agents (or chasing “the person”) in a maze (no code, just strategies).

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