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Apr 99

The Matrix

Finally got around to seeing the Matrix, and yes it’s pretty damn awesome (surprise surprise, huh?). As long as you stay with the plot – if you didn’t, go watch it again – but for me eveything made sense. It was really interesting because I’ve been in many casual conversations about philosophical stuff and it’s the first time I’ve seen sci-fi-ish existentialism in a movie (no one exists in the created world, everything is part of a dream – or in the sci-fi version – you are living in a computer program, everything around is a set of code, and you can’t break out of this generated world). I reckon they mixed the action (check out the SFX!) with the philosophical stuff really well. I could talk for ages on it (but I won’t :). It’s the best movie I’ve seen this year.

(Of course, everyone has already got it tattooed into their heads that Star Wars will be the best movie this year. No one will admit it sucked even if they’re hung up by the balls. There’s prejudice for you.)