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Apr 99

Response to Response

I’m not gonna touch the trickle down theory, thats another subject.  But there is no difference between the right to have guns and the right to free speech, etc.  Special interest groups here want to ban guns because they blame them, at least in part, for this horrid incident, and it sounds like you agree.  Well, other special interest groups here are clamoring about the music these kids listened to, the video games they played, and the movies they watched.  So after we ban guns because of this, when it happens again, the music will be next to be banned, then after the next incident, the video games.  You are very shortsighted if you can’t see what these type of people want to do.  They want to control what all people, not just kids, see, hear, play with, and say.  They are the reason we have such political correctness in this country that you can get sued for making a joke about fat people.  Just because some psycho’s are influenced negatively by some movies, music or guns is! NOT A VALID REASON to limit everyone’s access to those materials. God help those of you who don’t value your freedoms.

In Your Ear

I’ve been careful not to say that gun control is a miracle cure, but it is something that should be considered. How do you explain why all this is happening in the US and nowhere else? People have equal exposure to music, video games and movies Aust/Canada/UK as they do in the US. Hmm… So what’s different?

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