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Apr 99

More Fuel to Keep the Fire Burning

Schyler is too wrapped up in his political parties agenda to realize when he stops making sense.  You have to wonder if he even has original thoughts of his own, or if someone is really pulling his strings because humans don’t think like puppets.  :)

The gun culture on America is entrenched within our society.  By giving up guns we will not be giving up other freedoms.  We will be giving up guns.  There is no domino effect unless you’re paranoid.  There is no chinese water torture unless you are closed minded.

America is under seige by interest groups such as the bad-willed NRA.  To have true freedom we must shed light on the shadows.

Schyler only creates more shadows then tosses them on top of the shadows that are already there.

This only makes it harder to find the truth under such a huge blanket of shadows.


Getting a bit personal, but Schyler does seem to have a bit of a one-track mind. He wouldn’t sacrifice his daughter’s safety for her freedom? Hey – introducing gun control isn’t exactly implementing Fascist rule in the US. Besides, the right to bear arms doesn’t impact upon the freedom of children as much as it does on the safety of them.

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