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Apr 99


It is part of being American. Its part of being free. Its called the 2nd Ammendment to our Constitution. “…shall have the right to keep and bear arms.”

These kids were going to blow up their school and kill plenty of kids whether they had guns or not.  You can’t stop crazy people from doing crazy things without limiting the actions of everybody.  And I’m not willing to sacrifice my daughter’s freedom for her safety.  Especially when banning guns will not make her any more safe from freaks like the kids in Colorado.


As linked on Shlonglor’s site, a school shooting happened in Canada. I guess you can’t stop psychos from doing crazy things, but you can limit how often these events occur (as I said… gun control didn’t stop the Port Arthur Massacre which eclipses the Columbine death toll twofold). However — One (copycat?) shooting in Canada compared to the three of four that happened in the US in the last year, though?