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Apr 99

Columbine Shooting Responses

I looked at lots of EN sites and what they have to say about this guns thing. Most of the yanks seem to be saying that guns arent the cause so dont pass laws banning them, because then we wouldnt be living in LIBERTY. Sure bad parenting is a huge cause, and sure guns will always be available to those who really want them but if theyre not in homes and are illegal they are going to be much harder for kids to obtain. Sure the freak who has decided he must kill 25 will still get one.. but theyre wont be gun accidents in homes and young children wont be brought up around them. Some guy on frustrated said that guns are designed to kill, and the fact that they can also be used for sport hunting does not warrant theyre existence in a peaceful society. Thats brilliant. I mean guns will always be around. But Americans need to learn that passing an apparently ‘strict’ law to save lives may be a curtailment of one liberty (is it a liberty we wanto oto have anyway?), but this DOES NOT MEAN America will suddenly become a totalitarian evil world of zero freedom. Another guy at frustrated said he’d rather live in a free world and get shot by a school kid at 30 than live in a “PLASTIC” world of no freedom till he was 90. Frigging Americans. Geez, talk about blindly clinging to some lofty ideal of “liberty”…. banning guns will SAVE A FEW LIVES. It wont solve the poblem but it will SAVE LIVES. SO DO IT. Looking at Australia, you can see how well it has worked. No guns, no recent mass automatic weapon killings, and what the f…??? We’re not A PLASTIC TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY YET??? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN????? (total sarcasm). It’s like [my history teacher] said… “America is the greatest country in the world… until every 70-100 years when it self-destructs (civil war, prohibition etc) because it can no longer survive by living on the lies it has created”


Quite a shot at the US there. 100% agreement, though.

I’d like to add some arguments to three of your observations. In fact guns can be obtained more easily in the USA than in any other industrialised country. The chances in the US of being killed by gunfire for under 15 year old’s is as high as in the 20 next industrialised countries COMBINED! Secondly the age old argument of the NRA and the like that guns don’t kill but people (duh!), just tells us, that people shouldn’t have guns, not that guns shouldn’t have people. Thirdly there will no ban on guns, because men love them, the industry wants men to need them and if some thousands get shot for that, fuck it. I mean let’s be honest, who cares so much as to discard their GUNS, of all things. No gun owner thinks, he would do such a thing.

So lean back and wait for the next catastrophy, somebody should have to told these people that violence is as american as apple pie. Whoops, H.R. Brown already did!


How much is a life worth? Or is the right to bear arms such a fundamental right as to be constitutional (and thus seemingly immutable)? They might as well include a “right to bear arms” clause in human rights legislation.