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Mar 99

Star Wars at The Box Office

I just had a small debate with a friend over whether Star Wars would exceed Titanic in revenue at the box office. It will be interesting to see what happens. Titantic had heaps of girls rewatch the movie about ten times to perve at Leonardo. However, everyone knows Star Wars, and I reckon 99% of people will watch it all over the world. But how many people will rewatch it? There’s a large fanatical Star Wars following composed of many people that would gladly rewatch it over and over, but is this base larger or more fanatical than the Titanic zealots? My money, and hopes, are on Star Wars to kick Titanic’s ass in revenue. Think about it, multitudes of people have sat at home for the past few decades, quite contentedly watching reruns of a 20 year old movie. Now, in their lifetime, there’s something NEW! Whatever happens, George Lucas will be raking it in.