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Mar 99

More MCP Madness

Last month, I was talking about the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) Logo Usage licence agreement. Anyway, one day when I was at Educom (the training center where we get taught the stuff for certification), a bunch of us were back coming back from lunch on the elevator. Apparently Microsoft is trying to sell off t-shirts and other merchandise with the MCP logo on it. We were commenting on how “cool” it would be to have an MCP Shirt (there’s sarcasm there, just in case you think I said that seriously :) and making jokes about who on earth would buy one. Then another guy on the elevator says, “Shirt? That’s nothing. You hear about the guy who got the MCP logo tattooed on himself?” Stunned silence. “You’re joking.” He wasn’t. The tattoo earnt him a visit to the nerd’s Nirvana, Bill Gates’ very own mansion. Shit, eh?

How uh... groovy, Mr Gates.
No, I didn’t believe it either.