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Mar 99

Mobile Phones

They do, they don’t. They do, they don’t. It’s beginning to look as if the radiation from mobiles is, to an undetermined extent, harmful. Although I’ve been told there’s “no correlation” between the radiation and brain dysfunction, scientists performing mobile phone research, “tend not to use them themselves.” Then over the radio, mobile phones reportedly cause lapses in short-term memory when in use. Now there’s this. Someone’s doing what everyone does these days when something goes wrong. Sue. A man is attempting to sue British Telecom for damages …

“I’d lose my memory of the time I was on the phone, so even when I got the information that I required, I’d have to ring up again because I’d already forgotten it,” he said on Sunday.
Source: Reuters

… apparently caused by his mobile. Of course, if he succeeds, do you realise what it would happen? People everywhere suing their phone company’s ass for brain damage. Then phone companies would have to start displaying stickers on phones saying, “Surgeon General’s Warning: Prolonged exposure may cause permanent brain damage.”