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Mar 99


Linux is the latest “cool” thing. The attitude that seems to be going around is, “Man, I have Linux. I’m not using Micro$hit. I’m cool. I’m 31337.” Yeah, well sorry, but many guys of this type are wannabes. Sure, Linux is more stable, more well developed, more bug free than Windows, but it’s not a perfect OS. It’s the furthest thing from user friendliness, and the hardware support… well… it’s not exactly all-encompassing. The GUI is lousy compared to Windows and although this will change, the fact is, non-user friendliness does not make Linux cool. Just because you can hammer out a few CLI commands does not make you elite. And getting a hard on from sledging Microsoft 24 hours a day does not make you cool, either. Get over it. If you’ve got Linux, good for you. You don’t need to make a big deal out of it. “Oh I’ve got a quad-boot Linux, NT, 98, and DOS box, but I only use Linux.” I don’t give a shit. Most people that say that to show off and make themselves look cool, aren’t. Hey, even I was guilty of this when I first learnt how to dual boot.

My MCSE instructor told me of this incident in the Newsgroups. People sit there sledging Windows and extolling Linux’s virtues. One guy said, “I’m so happy. Linux can change its IP without rebooting. Windoze can’t.” Um. NT can. My instructor couldn’t resist, and he wrote a message back. He consequently got flamed by Linux zealots. Amongst the responses was one that read, “I tried changing my IP in Windows 95 and I had to reboot.” Some of these people aren’t very smart. 95 isn’t NT. Yeah yeah I’m not saying Windows is better than Linux or anything, I just don’t like people acting like they’re so good cos they use Linux. So why do I have it? Because it’s a promising new OS, and I want to learn how to use it now, as opposed to later – I’m sure it will blossom. It does not make me cool or a “hÃxØr”.

Ok, you can flame me about this now.

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