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Mar 99

CD ReWriter

When you install a new piece of PnP (Plug ‘n’ Pray) hardware, the chance of it not working on first go is as likely as you rocking up to the urinals and finding pubic hair on them. I got a Yamaha CD-RW yesterday when my grandparents came over from Singapore. The trouble is, it came along with some cheap $90 PnP SCSI card. When something without a brand name comes in a box shouting the phrases “EASY INSTALL”, “HIGH PERFORMANCE” and “HIGH QUALITY” all over the front of the box, you can be guaranteed that your computer will immediately bluescreen upon bootup. And that it did, and that it kept doing. So now I just need a new, working SCSI card before I can start burning mounds of MP3 CDs. Grrrr.