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Feb 99


It came to my attention from some AOLer that small.exe (the penis program) on my humour page may have been infected with a virus/trojan horse. I’ve scanned the file about ten times over, and nothing seems to be wrong with it. I’ve even loaded up wintop (process viewer – you can even see trojans like Netbus and BO on it) and there aren’t any suspicious programs running in the background. So let me know if you’ve downloaded it and found it to be dodgy. I reckon it’s safe. After all, I should be infected if it’s infected…

[Update] Got a friend to scan it with another scanner. It is “infected” with Joke.Win.Stupid. Which is NOT a virus. See here for a description of why scanners pick it up as a “virus” when it isn’t. Move along folks, nothing more to see here.

This program is a widely spread dumb joke. Three working and one damaged variants are known. There are also several versions with modified text. The program doesn’t contain a virus. There’s also no destructive code inside. People often got worried about wether it was damaging or not and asking us why it is not detected. So now it is.