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Feb 99

Very Bad Things

I quite liked this film. It’s a really, really black comedy. Some people might think it’s sick, crass and feel offended that it even attempts to create a comedy out of its subject matter (it’s rated MA for a reason). Anyway, Very Bad Things details how a group of friends’ lives fall apart after they do a “very bad thing.” At the protagonist’s bachelor party (sex, drugs, and rock feature here), his friend is busy humping a prostitute in the bathroom when he accidentally kills her mid-fuck (she gets impaled – in more than one way). Instead of reporting the matter to the police, they bury her in the desert. The thing is they have to get her out of the hotel in suitcases. I’ll leave it up to your imagination to work out how they manage to get a dead person into normal sized suitcases.

The argument scenes in the movie are very reminiscent of episodes of psychotic behaviour in my life (they should be familiar to everyone). Those scenes and the acting in them are quite realistic. Who would you be if you were in that situation? Nonetheless don’t go into this movie looking for a slapstick comedy – it’s quite shocking in bits. To change it from a comedy to a serious drama-type movie, you would only need to change the soundtrack. Quite grizzly in bits, but you should be desensitised to that sort of stuff already.