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Feb 99


This stuff from the aforementioned Magazine of repute.

HIGH-TECH GIRL TALK Girls love secrets, but until now they’ve had to stash diaries and other prized possessions under mattresses or in trunks to keep snoopy little sisters from prying. Newcomer Girl Tech is offering some electronic alternatives. Its Password Journal locks with the sound of the owner’s voice. And the Door Pass sticks onto a bedroom door and requests a verbal password each time it detects motion outside. If the voice doesn’t match the one stored in memory, it blinks to indicate that an intruder may have entered the room while its owner was out. Each product costs $20.

The only problem is, now you’ll get little sisters bugging their big sister’s rooms with microphones so they can get their voice on tape. And excuse me, aren’t these products just a little sexist? Boys keep diaries too. Oh, sorry. They don’t keep diaries… they keep journals. I wonder why they failed to make that distinction when naming it “Newcomer Girl Tech Password Journal.”

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