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Feb 99


Passed third exam. Three to go. Microsoft sent me a propaganda pack. Apparently passing just one exam makes you a “Microsoft Certified Professional” (MCP). This gives you the right to put the MCP logo on your business card or whatever. They sent a sheet full of approved logos (you can’t just whack “MCP” down… you must use their official logo). And… get this. There was a bloody 6-page license agreement enclosed regarding the usage of the logo.

“You may not use or reproduce the MCP Logos in any manner whatsoever other than as described herein, in Exhibit A and in any applicable camera ready artwork provided by Microsoft. You acknowledge Microsoft’s ownership of the MCP Logos. You shall employ best efforts to use the MCP Logos in any manner that does not derogate from Microsoft’s rights in the MCP Logos and will take no action that will interfere with or diminish Microsoft’s rights in the MCP Logos… You shall mark every use of the MCP Logos with the trademark designations set forth in Exhibit A.”

“The Logo must stand alone. A minimum amount of space must be left between the Logo and any other object such as type, other logos, borders, edges, and so on. The required border of space around the Logo must be x wide, where x equals the height of the graphic, as represented by the height of the box that contains the words ‘Microsoft Certified.'”

"Do not say bad things about us or we will sue the pants off you."
Do I have to get myself a lawyer now?

Hmm. I think I just violated the license agreement. There’s probably a clause in there somewhere saying, “You may not make any remarks which may be interpreted (either directly or indirectly) as negative towards Microsoft’s image.”