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Feb 99

Homer’s Home of Homeopathy

They’re still running ads that are dodgy++ at the cinemas. There’s an advert for a homeopathy center. Their slogan is (I shit you not), “Make yourself at home at Homer’s home, the home of homeopathy.” They also give a web URL to visit. httq://wwww.natural.homers. I don’t think it works, for some reason.

Then there’s “Sven’s World of Bubbles” – some massage parlour using the slogan, “Rub-a-dub-dub with Sven in the tub!” The mere thought of a crazy Swede in a bathtub is enough to send me screaming out of the theatre.

Wrapping up the dodgy ads section is the “Urban Turban” bike helmet shop. “Now with cool helmet colours – sage, saffron and tumeric!” Oh, I must rush out and buy one now.