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Feb 99


Another journal site hits the Net. In Ajamedor‘s online journal, you get to read about his trials and tribulations as he sits the HSC (what I sat last year). Should be an interesting new perspective.

On Monday 25th, I finally took the time to walk in to an RTA office (Roads and Traffic Authority) to get my Learner Driver’s Licence … it only took 10 minutes to look at the instructions and complete the test. I was amazed at how easy the questions were and shocked at how many applicants who were before me failed.

[Flashback to a year ago] Um… uh. Heh. Erm… OK! OK! I failed it the first time I sat it! Happy now? It was over some stupid ass question about the speed limit when there are streetlights along the road. Now isn’t that the most bloody obscure road rule you’ve heard of?