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Jan 99

WTF is it with UAC/Board of Studies

You’re probably wondering what the hell is happening with the HSC results. This is the situation as I understand it. Please note there are TWO parts to the HSC results:

1. The UAI (just that single number), which is handled by UAC. This can only be accessed through the UAC PHONE line : 1900 957 500. Available from January 3, 7AM.
2. The HSC Results, which is handled by the Board of Studies. This includes your SUBJECT marks ONLY (course, assessment and exam marks). This can be accessed through the Board’s PHONE or the Net at the address listed on the Board’s page. Available from January 2, 6AM.

Late Friday afternoon the UAC phoneline opened two days prematurely. This made the UAIs available through UAC, but NOT the Board’s HSC Results (net and phone access). The UAI line remained opened until a little while after 11pm January 1. Why this happened is unknown, but I guess UAC stuffed up. Until then, looks like the UAIs will have to wait until January 3. HSC Results should be out in a few hours from time of writing. Another weird occurrance is that if you ring up the Board’s phone line, the recorded messages say it will open at 5AM and not 6AM.