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Jan 99

Sunday, January 31, 1999

Got on national tv today (3 channels) for all of two seconds :). They had some media conference for 99 people who got above 90 for all of their subjects today. I got to go, but it was almost awful somehow. You feel really ordinary in a crowd like that… people have been saying to me jokingly for the past few days, “You’re too smart for me to talk to, we’re not worthy” and it was my turn to think that today :) Some Sydney Grammar guy (freak +++) came first in the state for 4 Unit Maths and 3 Unit English (don’t be stupid, of course he got 100.00uai). That’s just ridiculous :). Another thing… everyone from Sydney Grammar seems to talk funny – sort of a pompous tone of voice. Bit boring today though – didn’t have anyone to talk to ‘cept one Grammar guy and a girl from Strathfield high(?) but the conversation somehow led on to religion. Huh. Well back into the ordinary world now, and I like it that way hehe.

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