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Jan 99

Hear Ye celebrates its 1st Anniversary!
I made it! When I started writing this page exactly one year ago, the longest I’d ever kept a site/page going for was a couple months. It’s not exactly easy keeping a site constantly updated for a period as long as a year. The reassuring thing is that I still have the motivation I had a year ago to keep writing. Anyway I haven’t written for almost 10 days, partly because of the arrival of the new computer and the lack of transfer speed over a parallel cable :) – took a while for the data transfer.

In response to entering a new year of slavery to this page, I’ve completed the site update I’ve been promising. The update is not on this page, but it’s to the rest of the site. The whole site has been renamed (though the journal will remain titled as Hear Ye!). Here’s what’s been updated – check ’em out :

(I’ll shoot you if you don’t use a suitably modern 4th generation web browser.)

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