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Dec 98

Team Fortress II

Looks excellent, except that Valve is turning it into a separate game. Which means we’ll have to shell out more money. Looking at the increasing realism in games… You know what would be a good idea? You get affected by weapons in other ways than damage. If a grenade, for instance, goes off in front of you, you run around blinded by a white screen (this happened to me on a cadet camp several years ago – a bunger went off by my face and I was crawling around blind for a few seconds). Then of course, if a grenade goes off close to you, you get deafened (à la Saving Ryan’s Privates) – one speaker shuts down (no more stereo sound or, surround sound). Someone’s probably going to steal this idea :). Or, a shot to the leg with a pistol when you’re on low health makes you limp (travel slower).