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Dec 98

New Year’s Eve

Here we say farewell to 1998 and welcome in 1999. No doubt we will all spend the first month (or more) trying to remember to write “99” as the date and not “98”. It’s gonna be even worse in 2000, after writing “9” as the first digit of the year for a decade, we’ll have to change to “0”. But that’s another 365 days away.

As a sidenote – my thoughts on the Millenium Bug? I don’t have any. You simply cannot ask a lay-person to give an opinion of Y2K. If there are major problems when the millenium turns, they will be with major systems – mainframes and proprietary (spelling?) operating systems. I mean, unless you have a vague idea of what airport control computers are running on (that’s just an example) you’re not going to have any clue as to how the change in year will affect airports and airplanes. You have to be in some way connected with the IT industry to even have an informed guess as to what happens. Other than that, as far as O/Ses go for the home user (you and me), Windows 98 is it. While Win98 isn’t 100% compliant (don’t worry – MS released a patch to solve it, but even without the patch Win98 won’t die when it hits 1/1/00), anything that fails on a house level will be a minor annoyance. It’s the major infrastructure and big company networks that have the potential to cause widespread problems, and guess what? I don’t know jack about them. Do you know how the traffic light system works?

When 1999 does roll around, I promise some updates of substance. Along with that, I’ll post my HSC results on the page. Everyone will almost certainly be messaging around on ICQ asking for everyone else’s results, so instead of re-typing out marks for 5 subjects, I’ll just forward on the address of this page :).

Until then, here’s a line you’ve probably been hearing all through the past week: I’ll see you next year!