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Sep 98

Keanu Reeves???

Hahaha a really funny thing happened to a friend (who will probably kill me if I say his name :) last weekend. He went off to a Uni open day and on the way back he dropped into a store which sells posters. You know how the posters on the rack are numbered, so you can go up to the counter, say the number (instead of having to describe the poster you want) and the store will pick out a fresh copy of the poster (already rolled up in a tube) with the corresponding number? Well my friend bought a poster of Starship Troopers – poster number 58. He pays his ten bucks, gets a poster numbered 58 and goes home. Anyway, it’s about midnight and he’s about to go to bed and he decides to take the poster out. And lo and behold, it’s a half-naked picture of Keanu Reeves and not of Starship Troopers. I would’ve paid money to see the look on his face when he saw that. Now, as you know, Keanu Reeves is gay, so my friend starts panicking (I mean, what would the rest of his family think, if he went out and bought a picture of Keanu Reeves topless? This is a male friend, btw :). So now it’s hidden somewhere in his room, and he’s praying his brother doesn’t find it (cos he’ll be crucified) hahahahaha… We’ve been bagging him out about it all day (“Bought the poster so you could use it late at night, eh? ‘Ohh Keanu… uh uh uh’ We know the truth…” etc.) Cheap shots, but damn hilarious. He’s absolutely furious about it and he’s going back to the store this Saturday to trade the poster. Hahahaha.

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