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Aug 98

Total Annihilation

News flash: Mozzie/Mock takes ignorance to new levels.
Okay this is the story. We’re (Requiem, Mozzie and I) having a TA game. Mozzie suggests a “Krogoth Bash” (go straight for krogoths and a truce till they are built then pit krogoth against krogoth). Requiem disagrees strongly, but then changes his mind saying he will agree to a Krogoth Bash if we play on Metal Isles (which of course are four metal isles separated by vast expanses of water which renders Krogoths 90% useless). Get this… Mozzie agrees – oblivious to all this. Requiem even said it twice… “Krogoth bash on Metal isles.”

About 5 minutes into the game Mozzie says this: “Just meet in the middle and go for each other.”

About 10 minutes into the game I take a Valkyrie and steal his commander which is lathing away by the krogoth gantry. He doesn’t notice. Another five minute later and he says “Gimme back my commander!”

Half an hour later we’re telling him Krogoths can nuke.
Mozzie: “Can Krogoths nuke?”
Requiem: “Didn’t you know?”
Inferno: “Yeah”
Requiem: “Just press Contol-D to launch”
Mozzie: “Nice try.”

Okay so we didn’t slip it past him, but, afterwards in ICQ chat we kept insisting the Krogoth could launch nukes. He asked “How???” And I said “Well Control-D will self-destruct your Krogoth, but it will also launch a nuke from it… sort of like a sacrifice.” And… he fell for that. Can’t wait till we have our next game… “Yeah I self-destructed the Krogoth… where’s the friggin nuke?????” Muahahahahaha… that’s true stupidity/gullibility. Slack but fun :).