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Jul 98

Star Trek DSN – Broken Link

Awesome. No other word can describe the Founders. Hats off to the writers of DSN – never for one solitary second had it occurred to me that the changelings had infiltrated the Klingon, let alone as high as Gowron… Guess it’s my human-centric view of things :). This is a great plot, but I still can’t figure out why the Dominion don’t just overrun the Federation in a tick. I’ve got a few couple theories regarding this, though. Firstly, they still want the Federation on their side – intimidate them and infiltrate them so much that the Federation command structure, and its strongest asset – diplomatic relations – are in choas. This leading to an assimilation of the Feds into the Dominion. Secondly, the Federation is more than a match for the Dominion in terms of firepower, so this is the only way the Dominion can ensure victory. Whatever happens, it’s certainly clear that the Founders are the ultimate espionage agents, and the only weakness I can think of is that they have an extremely centralised system. Destroy the homeworld, and they are dead. Destroy Earth, though, and you’ve only dented human moral. It wouldn’t be a big a loss as blowing up the Founders homeworld. Which leads to an acknowledgement that Garak is really, really smart.

We know so much more about Garak, and he’s no longer a really mysterious person. “Plain, simple Garak” has even stopped denying his past… he’s merely not saying anything. One thing is certain though, this has been a great plot building season finale.

It’s been four seasons, but the merits of being on a stationary starbase are quickly being realised – a continuous plot. Better than any soapie :).

Five episodes to the Tribble one :) Channel Nine better not cut DSN off…