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Jul 98

Star Trek DSN – Body Parts

Quark? Any episode in which he takes a main role is bound to be a winner and Body Parts is no exception. If you haven’t seen this episode, it’s about how Quark finds out he’s about to die and floats his body on the futures exchange. Yes – 52 vacuum desicated discs of Quark up for sale on a futures exchange. Oh – and Keiko’s baby has a “change of address” which is meant to be an interesting development but it pales in comparison to the developments with Quark and at his bar. I think Quark is actually losing his Ferengi qualities – he’s become too exposed to “hu-marns” and the final scene is almost mushy. It’s his Ferengi attributes which make him such a lovable character and I think (or hope anyway) that the Trek writers know this and won’t try to humanise Quark too much. Very interesting development that will have repercussions for future episodes. After all, if you were condemned by the rest of your race, that would have repercussions for the future.