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Jul 98

Net At Night

I was putting in more hours of work last night and I had the radio tuned in to 2dayfm. It was about 11 and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They were actually plugging a porn site. Okay, maybe not blatantly, but it was. Two virgins are going to be “deflowered” on the net, in response to the Live Birth on the Net. Ummm… why? The live birth I understand – some people will never be able to see a birth etc. etc. But this? Hell, you could put on one of those millions of XXX video feeds that fly around the net and no one would know the difference. This is no more than a sex show. If you want to watch sex, go to world movies, or type in any domain name with sexual connotations (really!). If you want to watch a birth, you have to be a doctor, or a (soon to be) parent. Sex is sex – first time or not (I was going to say first time or last time, but thought the better of it). Crock of shit this. It was funny cause I don’t think the DJ could believe the other person was plugging that site. You could tell he was trying to distance himself away from it all (could be just keeping his own reputation away from “nyphomaniac”) – “I don’t buy it.” and “I think it’s just one of those XXX feeds,” he says really quickly while his partner’s going, “yeah I’ll watch it – I’m a voyeur.” Like I said, I couldn’t believe that they were broadcasting that crap.