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Jul 98

ICQ Message Log

Check this out… apparently he called himself Mozzie because we drilled it into his head that he was annoying. Well, here’s the annoyance theory at work…

6/07/98 11:30 mozzie wassup?

6/07/98 11:31 Inferno i dunno what is?

6/07/98 11:31 mozzie haha… whatcha been up to all last week?

6/07/98 11:31 Inferno games work etc

6/07/98 11:40 mozzie oic… hey with star craft how do u finish the second mission of the zerg episode???

6/07/98 11:40 Inferno grab the egg with a drone

6/07/98 11:40 mozzie how??? drones can’t move stuff!! it won’t gather!!

6/07/98 11:41 Inferno left click drone, right click on chrysalis.

6/07/98 11:42 mozzie u sure??

6/07/98 11:42 Inferno OF Course I’m sure.

6/07/98 11:43 mozzie not the overlord?

6/07/98 11:43 Inferno no use the drone

6/07/98 11:43 mozzie ok… thanx…

6/07/98 11:45 mozzie i can’t believe how slow my connection is!!!!

6/07/98 11:46 mozzie have u got world cup 98?

6/07/98 11:46 Inferno nope

6/07/98 11:47 mozzie bummer… i’m tryin to d/l it but it’s taking ages!!!!