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Jul 98

A Maths Excursion??

I went on a “maths excursion” (I didn’t know you could combine those two words :) to Uni of NSW and went to three lectures. The first was on the memory capacity of the human brain (10 to the 14th bits or something, at a rough estimate) – the lecture itself wasn’t really delivered well. The second one was tonnes better and was on RSA encryption. This was really good, and although the guy who was giving the lecture went through the theory heaps fast, I managed to get the general idea. He stuck the lecture up on the net here, if you’re insterested in RSA encryption (RSA being the initials of the people who invented it).

The lecturer looked pretty young (late twentyish), actually (the first lecture was given by the stereotypical eccentic, rapidly aging professor)… but it appears he’s got a PhD and university medal. I was thinking, like, crap this guy’s a genius, when I saw that…

And there’s more… I just managed to pull up a copy of his c.v. from his page and this came up …

1987 – 1988 : HSC at Knox Grammar School
HSC result 493 (ranked 4th in NSW)

Whoa. Did I say genius? Hah – my age estimation was almost spot on… HSC in 1988 makes him 27-28 this year. Suck that Chernih – 493!!! How does 475 compare to 493???

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