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May 98

ICQ countries

I dunno if you’ve looked at the countries you can select under your ICQ user profile, but I’m sure I’ve never heard of them:

Diego Garcia (huh?)
Djibouti (isn’t that a city?)
Eritrea (I’ve heard of this one, a new country in Africa I think… broke away from Burkina Faso???)
F.Y.R.O.M. (ICQ cut off the full name
Faeroe Islands (where??)
INMARSAT (this is a satellite system isn’t it? So why’s it under countries?)
International Freephone … (cut off)
Kyrgyz Republic (where??? What??? No vowels? Sounds like the Chenjesu from Star Control 2 are back. I’ve actually changed my ICQ info to have this country displayed in my info box :), and am getting all my friends to change their country info to Kyrgyz Republic, so some poor sod’s going to be wondering why everyone’s got Kyrgyz under the country field muahahahaha ;)
Nevis (I’m sure it’s just me with this one… but I’ve never heard of Nevis)
Niue (??)
Tinian Island (ditto)
Tokelau (ditto)

Freaky :)

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